Hello and welcome to the Mercury Class page, telling you all about the things that we have been up to and the adventures that we have been on.  Mercury is one of our three parallel Year 3&4 classes, taught by Mr Simpson.

Remember:  Homework needs to be back on Monday and games kit is needed for Monday and Friday.

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Welcome to Mercury Class

Mercury Class

Autumn Term


Our topic this term has been Britain at War.


As part of our research on The Great War we have used riginal sources (the school log, trade directories, photographs, church records) to build up a picture of what Branston was like in early 1914.  We went on a walk around the village identifying the old schoolhouse, the old hall, the tied cottages and where some of the soldiers from the war memorial are buried.


In Science we have investigated how Forces influence motion, including gravity, friction and buoyancy.


We had a great day's learning at Eden Camp in North Yorkshire experiencing the sights and smells of the Blitz and taking part in the ENSA Music Hall.

We have been trying hard to raise and maintain fitness through the daily running challenge - and have enjoyed some extra time outside of the classroom to enjoy the stunning Autumn weather (see the photographs.)


While our Year 3s have been practising songs, our Year 4s have been workimg hard learning lines and moves for our production of 'The Thingummybobs', which told the story of a group of evacuees who, after the bombing of their own school in the city, escape to the countryside and have to learn to live alongside other children as they put on their 'Christmas Extravaganza!'  Featuring songs from the period, the show was written for our pupils to perform and allowed pupils to learn about life in 1940 for children their own age.  I wonder what Nigel Stuffins is doing now ?


Our learning journey has ended with a day celebrating the models and research projects pupils and their families have created at home. Enjoy the photographs of our homework heroes...


Daily Running for FitnessRunning for Fitness 2


Science CarsCallum on Guard at Eden CampJacob is EvacuatedSignpostsMy Evacuee


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