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Welcome to class Jupiter!

The sun is shining and this term we are busy learning about pirates. We are also enjoying learning about the human body topic in Science.

We have been using our art skills to create WANTED posters with us as pirates.

We have been writing rhyming poems about a very strange crew of pirates. Some of our poems are really funny!

We have learnt how to use a compass and compass directions. We created a treasure map and then wrote directions for other people to follow to find the treasure. We have also been researching jobs on a pirate ship and create a leaflett all about those roles.

Our topic for Spring is Dinosaurs and Extinction. We started our topic by sharing what we already know about dinosaurs and asking the questions we would like to find out about during this term. We had a look at a huge timeline to find out how many years ago the dinosaurs existed.We then used our research skills to decide whether some key dinosaur facts were true or false.

We had a fantastic WOW day. We were visited by a T-Rex, participated in a fossil workshop as well as making clay dinosaur eyes and top trump cards. Have a look at some of the pictures below:

Welcome to a brand new year and what an exciting start we have had. Our topic this term is space and alongside a new topic, we have a new code of conduct and new homework planners.


We have also been place in new houses. Each of us sat in assembly and hovered our hand over the magical space orb which has placed us in one of four houses: Altair, Sirius, Polaris or Rigel.

To begin our topic we have been learning all about the planets. One group used books and the internet to create this information poster:

In English we have been busy improving the accuracy of our punctuation. We have been focusing on inverted commas, apostrophes and commas. Have a look at some of the work we have been doing:

We have been learning about orbits and rotation. We used balls to show the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun.


We have been learning about the space race. First we created a timeline to show key events in both USA and Russia (Soviet Union) space history. Then we focused on the moon landing. We watched a short documentary and then wrote a newspaper article focusing on the consiracy theories. Then we wrote a playscript for a news report and filmed our news report. Click the links below to see them: (please note that these videos are unlisted and are only accesible using the links below)

We have been on a fantastic visit to the space centre: