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  Welcome to class Mars!




Mars are having lots of fun this term learning about our new topic, pirates!
We have created our own treasure maps with instructions to direct you to the treasure and turned out friends into pirates, making WANTED posters. We particularly enjoyed looking up our pirate name.


In English we have been looking at traditional fairy tales. Our class have been writing our own versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and putting our own pirate twist on it.

In PSHE the children have been learning about rules and responsibilities. They have had the opportunity to work in small groups to teach the rest of the class a skill of their choice. They have all enjoyed taking part and getting stuck in!



Our new topic this term is Dinosaurs and Extinction; we had a fantastic WOW day which taught us loads about this topic. The day consisted of becoming palaeontologists where we searched for and studied fossils, making clay dinosaur eyes and we even met a REAL LIFE T-Rex!


In PE we created our own dance which displayed how people survived/lived in the prehistoric times. We also tried to communicate with each other through Cave Art and realised how hard it would’ve been in the Stone Age to share stories without written language. Have a look at some pictures:


We have recently had reading week which linked with the project of Erasmus+, Dream a Little Dream. Mars carried out an activity, ‘Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover’. We all wrapped up our favourite books, so it was top secret which book we had bought in, and shared our favourite part of the book with a partner, as well as giving a summary of it. We then recreated the front cover, title and blurb using what we had been told from our partner. We voted for the book we would’ve liked to read, judging from the front cover recreated by the other children and then unwrapped the books we voted for to see if it was a book we would usually choose.



Welcome back to a brand new academic year. Our topic in the Autumn term is space.

In topic we have been creating mnemonics to remember the order of the planets. We have also been learning about the Space Race between the Russian’s and American's - who could be the first to land man on the moon? First we created a timeline to learn about the key events, and then we became journalists and wrote a chronological report all about it.

We have also learnt about the role of the Sun, the relationship between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon as well as the phases of the Moon in Science. We used Oreos to show the cycle of the different stages of the moon (it tasted great!)

In RE we have been looking at the important symbols of Hinduism and thinking about what symbolises us. Here are some examples of our personality swirls.

We have looked closely at why the Lotus Flower has such significance to Hindus and had ago at sketching our own Lotus Flowers.

In PE we have been practising the different skills needed to play Basketball such as spatial awareness, dribbling and throwing and catching (we have really enjoyed playing Toilet Tag!).